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Bourbon Whiskey

If you’re from Kentucky, you know bourbon is a exceptional spirit. Bourbon is an American spirit. If you like your whiskey a little rough around the edges, a little rustic – bourbon is the drink for you.


Kentucky is known for its bourbon and Beverage World Wine & Spirits is known for its Kentucky bourbon. Visit our store today to check out our collection of fantastic bourbon.

Get the Best Bourbon and Whiskey Kentucky has to Offer

In the 1700s the first settlers of Kentucky, mostly farmers and frontiersmen, found it hard to get their crops to the market over narrow trails and steep mountains. They soon learnt that converting corn and other grains to whiskey was easier to transport, at the same time gave them a diversion from their rough life.


Since then, generations of Kentuckians have continued this time-honored tradition of making good bourbon. As a family-owned and operated business, we honor this tradition and sell only the finest bourbon in town.

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We are a 3rd generation locally family-owned business in Louisville.

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